Healed from Arthritis and Now Running Barefoot on a Raw Food Diet

The birds are having a party. It’s early in the morning andI really like coming to the park early morning to breath somefresh air and feel the natureclose to me, and. . . I just wanted to share with you that it hasn’t always been like that. For those ofyou who may not know I have suffered a lot of physical pain in the past before Ichanged my diet. I used to have arthritis. And it was just really hard for meto do any type of exercise. I was already practicing yogabut very light yoga, just to easemy pain. But it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a regular practice. I was takingmeducation very regularly. The pain was so strongin my body that it was even hard to go outsidedepending on the weather, or if it was raining. A few months ago,well, I have been eatingraw for almost a year – wow that’s amazing,I can’t even believe that – but a few months ago I found out aboutbarefoot running. I’m using myfive-finger shoes: can you see that?Since I found out aboutbarefoot styleit just changed my life, really. I don’t have any pain on my knees anymore. I set my myselffree to run and enjoy that in a waythat I’ve never experienced before. I’m just really inspired about barefootrunning style. And today,at the moment, I can’twait to leave the house in the morning and come to the park fora jog. I’m just so happy that I wanted to share that with you how. Changing to a raw food stylediet has reallyopened my life to to new possibilities. Even small and big ones. But all these possibilities are changing Who I am and how I feelabout life and fitness and health. I just wanted to share with you that you don’t have to bea tri-athlete or a ultra-runner to startrunning barefoot or just start even runningin any way you want to. Just. . . Just go. If you want to try to barefoot running style I really recommend that toyou. You will feel lessimpacti on your knees, on your heels. And in the beggining you will feel a lot oftension on your muscles, your leg muscles. But thatsnormal. So just take it easy, round 10 minutes anddo it again the next day. Just do it, really. Just take that moment as even a spiritual practice for yourself. I like running, listening to my iPod,I really like listening to meditation songs when I run. I know, it may sound like, wow, it is so slow. . . But it’s really not. I take my running practice as a meditation practice. As I run,and as a few the wind, the sun orthe rain, I’m thankful for everything. I’m thankful for the healing that iscoming towards me. And I’m thankful for the earth. And the universe. And everything. So, I just really wanted to share that with you and I hope you are enjoying your day. I hope you are using every opportunityto inspireyourself to have a better life. So, that’s it for today. I’m looking for to to share more with you. Thanks for watching. Have a beautiful day.

Best Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis — Kathleen Zelman — UHC TV

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you’ll relate to this concern. One of our viewerswants to know, “Are there any foods that will help reduce symptoms or decrease flare ups?”Well that’s a million dollar question. And the diet and rheumatoid arthritis relationshiphave been studied extensively. And what we do know is that if you’re overweight, by losingweight you can reduce the impact on your weight-bearing joints. That will decrease stiffness and inflammationand make you feel better. So one thing for sure is getting yourself to a healthy weightcan really be beneficial. With regards to other foods, there’s no solid evidence thatnight shade vegetables should be avoided. But, if you associate night shade vegetableslike eggplant with some pain, then by all means you should eliminate them. So, any foodsor beverages that cause you pain, eliminate those foods. But, consult your registereddietician in the event you’re taking out whole food groups. But there was a study that lookedat 15 different studies to analyze what are the best diets for arthritis. And what cameout on top was the Mediterranean diet. So the Mediterranean diet is one that has lotsof fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, olive oil, limited amount of meat. And peoplewho follow this type of diet for 12 weeks had a reduction of about 15 percent of pain. So similar affects were found for people who were on vegetarian diets that included milkand eggs. So by eating a healthy diet, you know, that’s probably your best defense. Butthere’s also some interesting research about omega-3 fatty acids. Because rheumatoid arthritisis an inflammation and omega-3s are anti-inflammatory the combination could be very powerful. Checkwith your doctor, but the studies seems to suggest that fish oil may be beneficial. Youneed about three grams a day. For at least 12 weeks. And just to put that into perspective,one, four-ounce piece of salmon has two grams. So you have to eat more than a a four-ounceportion of salmon or take fish oil tablets. But do that under your doctor’s care. Butfirst of all, look at your diet, and try to shift it towards a Mediterranean-style diet. Get your weight down. And you’ll be doing yourself a good deed.

Foods to Include and Avoid in Arthritis

Foods to Include and Avoid in ArthritisWhat foods are ideal in fighting Arthritis?Although medications are prescribed by physicians to those suffering from arthritis,having nutritious meals help fight the symptoms of the disease most especially the inflammation. People need to understand that the medications prescribed do not right away spell out the word cure instead they are meant to alleviate the pain and inflammation. But instead of leaving it all out on the meds, nutrition can also take on this role only it has more benefits as it not only fights the pain and swelling but it adds up to energy and of course we can get nutrients. Some of the foods that will help you fight arthritis are as follows:Foods high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Fats are also needed by our bodies to function well and the healthiest known fat is the omega-3 fatty acids. This fatty acid suppresses inflammation by stopping the production of certain enzymes that wear away the cartilages. Antioxidants. When there is inflammation, the formation of free radicals happen. Free radicals are molecules that damage the cell and it is with antioxidants where the body is protected from the effects of these molecules that can eventually be damaging. There have been studies that shown that it is with specific kinds of antioxidants that help relieve pain and slow the progress of the disease. GingerAn ideal diet would definitely be something that is not just nutritious but also tasty and what better way to make food tasty than by adding in spices like ginger. Just like fruits and vegetables, ginger is a plant-based food and makes a huge impact to the health of a person. Ginger happens to have chemicals that have anti-inflammatory properties making it an ideal part of the diet. What foods to avoidIf there are foods that should be part of your diet, there definitely are foods to avoid as well as they can either trigger inflammation or pain. There have been studies stating that arthritis pain in joints can be triggered by allergic reactions to specific types of foods. If you keep these foods out of your diet, you will be able to experience relief of the pain and perhaps the swelling as well. It would be advisable to avoid these foods in your arthritis diet:Red Meat: beef, pork, lamb – have fish and chicken without the skin insteadSugary foods such as honey and chocolates Dairy products such as cheese and cow’s milk Salty foods and foods high in fat such as butter and margarineNightshade family foods such as eggplants, white potatoes and tomatoesFlour and bran from white wheat Dry roasted nuts – you can have walnuts and almondsAlcoholic beveragesDrinks such as soft drinks, coffee even decaffeinated ones and tea

Arthritis Pain Relief – Natural Remedies for Arthritis in Knee and Hands That Work

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Having a Balanced Diet when Suffering from Arthritis

Having a Balanced Diet when Suffering from ArthritisHow Body Weight affects ArthritisBody weight has a large impact on people suffering from arthritis because it helps in allowing the knees and joints bear the weight of the body. Because arthritis affects the joints, being overweight adds up stress to it. Apart from controlling weight, an arthritis sufferer should also keep a close eye on making sure that his or her blood pressure is within normal levels. A good arthritis diet is one that not only manages the weight but also makes sure that fat, cholesterol and sugar is reduced. Guidelines on how to have a Healthy Diet for people with ArthritisThe guidelines below are not only for people who are suffering from Arthritis, it can also be used as a basis towards having a healthy diet. Arthritis can be very much avoided in many ways and one of which is by eating right. But whether you have arthritis or not a good diet is something that should not be missed. The guidelines are as follows: Ensure a healthy weightInclude a variety of foods in your mealsAvoid eating too much sugar Avoid eating too much fat and cholesterolAvoid foods that are salty or high in sodium contentMake sure you eat enough starch and fiberDrink alcohol in moderation

Treat and Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis With 3 Healthy Lifestyle Remedies

My name is Larry Cook, and I’m here to share with you that Rheumatoid Arthritis is treatable,and it can be reversed. If not all the way, at least significantly, when someone followsthe healthy lifestyle. I have three specific remedies that I’m going to give you that,if you follow them and you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, you have a really good chance ofeither completely reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis, or at least significantly improving your health. So, let’s get started. Number one, you want to go see a naturopathic doctor. That is,by far, the absolute most important thing that you can do for yourself, is to go visita naturopathic doctor. A naturopathic doctor specializes in uncovering the root cause ofhealth problems. So, whereas a medical doctor is going to say “Yeah, you have RheumatoidArthritis, let me give you some drugs and treat the symptoms”, a naturopathic doctoris going to look at your symptoms, go “Yeah, you have RA, but let’s try to figure out what’sgoing on that’s causing all of these different symptoms. ” Generally speaking, there’s a lotgoing on. It is not an easy thing to treat. I know this from talking with naturopathicdoctors. So, let’s get into what a naturopathic doctor is. A naturopathic doctor attendinga four year post-graduate medical school where they learned basically the same stuff thata medical doctor learns, and they learn natural remedies, and how to treat the root causeof health issues. So, when you go see a naturopathic doctor, you’re visiting someone who has anextensive amount of training in the health sciences. A licensed naturopathic doctor issomeone who can order and interpret labs. They can treat and diagnose disease. Theybasically are on par with a medical doctor, the only difference is they’re using naturalremedies. So, to find a naturopathic doctor in your area, what you want to do is Googlenaturopathic doctor and your city, and look and see what comes up. That’s one option. In Washington State they’re called naturopathic physicians, so you might want to try thatphrase as well in your Google search. Your other option is you can go to a website calledrealizehealth. org, and there’s a whole list of naturopathic doctors on there as well. You can do a search on that website as well. Number two has to do with taking some supplements. The gut in people who have RA is usually very compromised. There’s all kinds of problemsgoing on with the gut. When you take a supplement called Probiotics, which is friendly bacteria,you’re actually helping the gut heal. Now, there’s a lot more that needs to happen besidesthat, and your naturopathic doctor is going to tell you about that, but you can get goingright now. So, probiotics, because it’s friendly bacteria that helps heal your gut. Digestiveenzymes, because there’s usually digestive issues going on simultaneously. Digestiveenzymes help digest food, and one other supplement to take is fish oil. Fish oil helps reduceinflammation, and RA has a lot of inflammation going on. So, digestive enzymes, probiotics,and fish oil. That’s number two. Number three has to do with your food. This part is critical. It’s absolutely critical. You have to change your diet, and when I say change your diet,I mean probably a radical change. What that means is this, you want to eat whole, organicfood all the time. You want to get rid of processed foods. A lot of people don’t knowwhat processed means, so I’m going to help you understand it. Bread is processed. Pastais processed. Muffins are processed. Bagels are processed. Anything that comes out ofa box or a can is processed food, or a bag, such as bread. You want to get rid of allof that. You want to get rid of all the diet soda, all the Coke, all the sugar. Anythingwith sugar in it has to go. If you want to get better, you have to change your diet. There is no way around it. You just have to. If you put poor nutrition in, or no nutritioninto your body on a regular basis, and you put poison into your body on a regular basis,you’re not going to get better. You have to put in really good food. Good food is whole,organic food. Stuff you find in the produce section on a very regular, if not very dailybasis. So, that’s number three. Let’s recap. One, visit a naturopathic doctor and followthe protocol that the naturopathic doctor gives you. It’s not like Western medicine. You don’t go and you take a drug, and you go home. You actually have to do some workwhen you visit a naturopathic doctor, but if you want to get better, follow the protocol. You will get better. That’s number one, find a naturopathic doctor and follow their protocol. Number two, take probiotics, digestive enzymes, and fish oil. Number three, change your dietto a whole foods diet, organic diet. Get rid of all the processed food. Get rid of everythingthat has any kind of chemical whatsoever in it, and you will start to get better. I guaranteeit. OK, I have a couple videos to share with you. The first one is with Dr. Angela Agrios. She’s a naturopathic doctor here in Los Angeles. I interviewed her quite a few years ago aboutRheumatoid Arthritis, and she gave a great interview. I highly recommend watching it,especially if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis. What you might want to know is she has sinceseen quite a few patients from that video, and they’ve gotten better. It’s not easy totreat RA. This I know, so you really do have to follow the protocol. You really do haveto change your diet. You really do have to take the supplements. You really have to doeverything that’s recommended. Watch her video, learn a little bit more. Then find a naturopathicdoctor in your area. The second video is of me talking about Western medicine versus naturalmedicine. When the body has the right conditions, it can heal. If you want to learn a littlebit more about how the body can heal when given the right conditions, that’s a greatvideo to watch. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up. If you like watchingmy videos, go ahead and subscribe to my channel. Feel free to post comments in my commentssection. You can also check out my new website, larrydcook. com, where I have lots of resourcesfor healthy living. That’s it for now, and thank you for watching.