Yoga Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Neck Arthritis Yoga Exercises

I am going to demonstrate how to do astral posture in the neck region. This neck regionis starting the first inhaling and your head is up and hold your breath and slowly, slowlyexhale, head down, inhale again and hold, exhale down, inhale again, exhale down, neck relax and left side going to inhale,exhaling time come back, right side inhaling time, exhale come back, inhale left side, come back exhale, right inhale, exhale comeback and relax. Tee time clockwise normal breath one, two, three and relax, change anticlock, breath normal and just relax three times. So neck astral postures. All neck regionstiffness is released, all the stiffness in the neck, nerves system, is recharging inthe neck region. So this area is, any kind of in pure energy going out and pure energyand generate.

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