Best Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis — Kathleen Zelman — UHC TV

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you’ll relate to this concern. One of our viewerswants to know, “Are there any foods that will help reduce symptoms or decrease flare ups?”Well that’s a million dollar question. And the diet and rheumatoid arthritis relationshiphave been studied extensively. And what we do know is that if you’re overweight, by losingweight you can reduce the impact on your weight-bearing joints. That will decrease stiffness and inflammationand make you feel better. So one thing for sure is getting yourself to a healthy weightcan really be beneficial. With regards to other foods, there’s no solid evidence thatnight shade vegetables should be avoided. But, if you associate night shade vegetableslike eggplant with some pain, then by all means you should eliminate them. So, any foodsor beverages that cause you pain, eliminate those foods. But, consult your registereddietician in the event you’re taking out whole food groups. But there was a study that lookedat 15 different studies to analyze what are the best diets for arthritis. And what cameout on top was the Mediterranean diet. So the Mediterranean diet is one that has lotsof fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, olive oil, limited amount of meat. And peoplewho follow this type of diet for 12 weeks had a reduction of about 15 percent of pain. So similar affects were found for people who were on vegetarian diets that included milkand eggs. So by eating a healthy diet, you know, that’s probably your best defense. Butthere’s also some interesting research about omega-3 fatty acids. Because rheumatoid arthritisis an inflammation and omega-3s are anti-inflammatory the combination could be very powerful. Checkwith your doctor, but the studies seems to suggest that fish oil may be beneficial. Youneed about three grams a day. For at least 12 weeks. And just to put that into perspective,one, four-ounce piece of salmon has two grams. So you have to eat more than a a four-ounceportion of salmon or take fish oil tablets. But do that under your doctor’s care. Butfirst of all, look at your diet, and try to shift it towards a Mediterranean-style diet. Get your weight down. And you’ll be doing yourself a good deed.

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