Control Arthritis Pain with Diet

I want to welcome doctor Karen Hotchkissa pediatric ear nose and throat surgeonand mother extraordinaire. Also a good friend of ours. Is it ok if call you Karen?Absolutely! Karen how did you first hear about the Young Health Shake?I actually heard about the Young Shakethrough Doctor Young. We came as a patient family. My daughter who is now 9 was diagnosed witha very severe form of juvenile arthritis when she was 2. We went to the best the best and were at one of the localmajor university centers in an academic program being treated by a pediatricrheumatologist. Had spent six years basically on injectable medications all the thingsyou see theinfomercial commercials for the Embroil. What I didn’t realize as a mom is thatafter four to five years and you can burn out on those medications they stopworking. We were in a full-blown pain crisis. The Embroil had stopped working and had been a great ride for us for aboutfour yearsother than we were on shots twice a week and here having to put itas six or seven year old three shots was not a lot of fun but she was a trooperand we got through that. Her quality of life is pretty good but we didn’t realize thatat some point you can hit a wall and she hit that wall and her pain number andthis is a kid who’s had arthritis pretty much our whole lifewho would tell us that on a day when she felt a 9 out of 10 with still gettingout of bed and trumping through schoolthat her pain was 27 out of 10 and we were we’re at a loss. We were making trips every week to get eight-hour infusions ofa new medication called Remicade which is a different classused to treat arthritis and it wasn’t working and we were desperate. As a mom not only as a doctor but as a mom you’ll do anything for yourchildren. My husband came home one day and said I’ve heard about this guyname Doctor Young and he’s got a different approach to arthritis. I saidgreat I will do anything I will stand on my head in the cornerand wave my hands around if you tell me I’ll make my child better. I said just show me that there’s some science behind it, let’s go. So the nextdayluckily a friend of a friend was able to pull some strings and heard aboutour story and out desperate situation and was able to get us into the clinic. Doctor Young introduced us to the shake. As I sat there and listened toDoctor Youngtelling us about the shake and the biology behind it and the science behind iteverything from my first and second year of medical school came back toplay and saidthis really make sense. This is everything that we learnedearly on of what the body needs to function properlyat the cellular level. Then as we started to look atJoy’s diet realized everything we were putting into her body was not what she neededto be havingfor arthritis. So that day we learned about the shakeand we got started, cold turkey we went to the shake. We had nothingelse. There was not an option to try and convince a nine-year-old take a shake. Itwas happening, period. We also made some diet changes right then too. Takinga lot of the carbs out. That was really hard to get all carbohydrates, potato chipsDr. Young sat down with us and asked us what her diet consisted ofit wasmac and cheese for breakfast pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner. You knowas parents and a child who is chronically hurting we we were desperateanything she wanted to you we were happy to because at that point any nutrition atall was a struggle. Within two to three weeks starting her on the shakes we saw a hugeimprovement. Her pain improved her joints swelling resolved andbefore long we knew we had our are happy healthychild back. We were amazed that off medicationsthat she was doing so well simply by changing her dietand incorporating shake daily. Was it hard to get her to take the shake? I meanit’s protein an oilit doesn’t sound appetizing. The other thing that from a mother’s stand point that is great aboutthe shake is that they are very low sugarand I think our children in today’s society are very used to that very sweetsweet taste. At first it was a little difficult. The thing I loved about Dr. Young ishe said to usget the good stuff inthe number one priority is to get the good stuff in and we’ll worry about the badstufflater but but we really focus on getting the stuff in. So that meant we couldexpand our possibilities with the shake so if we want but bananas in it are we needed twoputchocolate syrup cocoa powder or anything else tomake the shake kid-friendly and palatable. The next two to three weeks westarted experimentingin the kitchen and were able to come up with some great recipes. Now it to not only provides variety but a nicemeal for her. We make it custom for her whether it’s chocolate orvanilla or fruit flavoredShe does a great job. Has she gone back? I know the University was involved care a lot ofdoctors. What have they said? Their thoughts?I guess I’m a little hesitant to say what their thoughts are becausewe actually haven’t gone back. I have seen some other specialists, that arecolleagues and told them what we’re doing and they have said,well you know sooner or later it will be back orthis may just be a temporary phase. Not really appreciatingwhat a valuable point nutrition can play. I will tell you when we wereat our last visit getting our last infusionmy husband did ask if diet played a role in arthritisand one other providers toll is absolutely not, don’t evenexplore diet therapy because there’s there’s no roll for that in this diseaseprocess. I think at this point now we are six months healthyand six months off all medications can say absolutely this has been the best sixmonths of our life.

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