Diet & Nutrition Tips : How to Prevent Arthritis

This is Rachael with Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip we are talkingabout how to prevent arthritis. And I’m going to focus here on osteoarthritis, it’s oneof the two common arthritis, the other one is rheumatoid. But with osteoarthritis thebig key for prevention is to make sure that you are getting number one enough mineralsand fatty acids into your diet. These are the two things that comprise the bone matrix. So getting your minerals and your fatty acids into your diet and two is limiting inflammationand acidity in your diet. So inflammation and acidity come from things like sugar, inflammatoryproteins such as gluten coming from some of your starchy grains. As well as casein andsoy are also inflammatory proteins. And so focusing in on mineral rich foods, plant basedfoods that help alkalize your body are things like, my favorite, almonds are actually oneof the richest sources of calcium. And all nuts in general as well as your leafy greenvegetables like your lettuce and your kale and your broccoli. This has been Rachael withNutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida.

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