Foods to Include and Avoid in Arthritis

Foods to Include and Avoid in ArthritisWhat foods are ideal in fighting Arthritis?Although medications are prescribed by physicians to those suffering from arthritis,having nutritious meals help fight the symptoms of the disease most especially the inflammation. People need to understand that the medications prescribed do not right away spell out the word cure instead they are meant to alleviate the pain and inflammation. But instead of leaving it all out on the meds, nutrition can also take on this role only it has more benefits as it not only fights the pain and swelling but it adds up to energy and of course we can get nutrients. Some of the foods that will help you fight arthritis are as follows:Foods high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Fats are also needed by our bodies to function well and the healthiest known fat is the omega-3 fatty acids. This fatty acid suppresses inflammation by stopping the production of certain enzymes that wear away the cartilages. Antioxidants. When there is inflammation, the formation of free radicals happen. Free radicals are molecules that damage the cell and it is with antioxidants where the body is protected from the effects of these molecules that can eventually be damaging. There have been studies that shown that it is with specific kinds of antioxidants that help relieve pain and slow the progress of the disease. GingerAn ideal diet would definitely be something that is not just nutritious but also tasty and what better way to make food tasty than by adding in spices like ginger. Just like fruits and vegetables, ginger is a plant-based food and makes a huge impact to the health of a person. Ginger happens to have chemicals that have anti-inflammatory properties making it an ideal part of the diet. What foods to avoidIf there are foods that should be part of your diet, there definitely are foods to avoid as well as they can either trigger inflammation or pain. There have been studies stating that arthritis pain in joints can be triggered by allergic reactions to specific types of foods. If you keep these foods out of your diet, you will be able to experience relief of the pain and perhaps the swelling as well. It would be advisable to avoid these foods in your arthritis diet:Red Meat: beef, pork, lamb – have fish and chicken without the skin insteadSugary foods such as honey and chocolates Dairy products such as cheese and cow’s milk Salty foods and foods high in fat such as butter and margarineNightshade family foods such as eggplants, white potatoes and tomatoesFlour and bran from white wheat Dry roasted nuts – you can have walnuts and almondsAlcoholic beveragesDrinks such as soft drinks, coffee even decaffeinated ones and tea

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