Healed from Arthritis and Now Running Barefoot on a Raw Food Diet

The birds are having a party. It’s early in the morning andI really like coming to the park early morning to breath somefresh air and feel the natureclose to me, and. . . I just wanted to share with you that it hasn’t always been like that. For those ofyou who may not know I have suffered a lot of physical pain in the past before Ichanged my diet. I used to have arthritis. And it was just really hard for meto do any type of exercise. I was already practicing yogabut very light yoga, just to easemy pain. But it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a regular practice. I was takingmeducation very regularly. The pain was so strongin my body that it was even hard to go outsidedepending on the weather, or if it was raining. A few months ago,well, I have been eatingraw for almost a year – wow that’s amazing,I can’t even believe that – but a few months ago I found out aboutbarefoot running. I’m using myfive-finger shoes: can you see that?Since I found out aboutbarefoot styleit just changed my life, really. I don’t have any pain on my knees anymore. I set my myselffree to run and enjoy that in a waythat I’ve never experienced before. I’m just really inspired about barefootrunning style. And today,at the moment, I can’twait to leave the house in the morning and come to the park fora jog. I’m just so happy that I wanted to share that with you how. Changing to a raw food stylediet has reallyopened my life to to new possibilities. Even small and big ones. But all these possibilities are changing Who I am and how I feelabout life and fitness and health. I just wanted to share with you that you don’t have to bea tri-athlete or a ultra-runner to startrunning barefoot or just start even runningin any way you want to. Just. . . Just go. If you want to try to barefoot running style I really recommend that toyou. You will feel lessimpacti on your knees, on your heels. And in the beggining you will feel a lot oftension on your muscles, your leg muscles. But thatsnormal. So just take it easy, round 10 minutes anddo it again the next day. Just do it, really. Just take that moment as even a spiritual practice for yourself. I like running, listening to my iPod,I really like listening to meditation songs when I run. I know, it may sound like, wow, it is so slow. . . But it’s really not. I take my running practice as a meditation practice. As I run,and as a few the wind, the sun orthe rain, I’m thankful for everything. I’m thankful for the healing that iscoming towards me. And I’m thankful for the earth. And the universe. And everything. So, I just really wanted to share that with you and I hope you are enjoying your day. I hope you are using every opportunityto inspireyourself to have a better life. So, that’s it for today. I’m looking for to to share more with you. Thanks for watching. Have a beautiful day.

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